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Building the Connection

Between Businesses and Their Customers

We are a marketing company specializing in connecting quality businesses with their leads & customers.

About Us

iMedia Connections is a division of iMedia Marketing Solutions LLC. As iMedia has grown, we have seen the need to provide a bridge to success for businesses to reach buying customers.

iMedia Marketing Solutions was created in 2013 to provide internet solutions for local businesses and has grown to an international marketing company. 

iMedia Connections was created to provide a 'win-win' digital marketing solution to businesses and consumers. With an extensive background in web marketing and social media, iMedia Connections fills the void by connecting high quality business products and services with hungry consumers.

The iMedia Difference

The future for success requires online marketing.

Every online market is different, and as such, our marketing strategies vary enormously depending on the products or services being sold.

In some markets "old fashioned" brick and mortar is the best solution for selling services and physical products.

In other cases it's more effective to dynamically target consumers on social platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and other niche specific portals.

What matters most to a consumer is Connecting. They not only want to know that they will receive quality products or services with positive customer satisfaction. They want to be able to trust that you are real. You will be there - You Will Be Easy to Find and Connect With.

That translates to being seen on Social Media. It means you need to be easy to reach. By being present you will create a 5-star reputation for not only your business but also your relationship with your customers. .

Prospects want to be assured that you will take good care of them and have the solution to their needs.

Whether you provide a professional service or physical goods, iMedia can help you build and maintain a solid reputation that will be seen everywhere. Learn More...

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